Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Horus god of life

                             god of life     

Son of Osiris and Isis, and something of a weakling as a child, Horus was constantly at the mercy of his uncle Set.  when Osiris travelled around Egypt, Set send serpents to sting Horus and diseases to kill him.  But Isis protected Horus from Set.  After Osiris's murder, Horus and Isis fled to the marshes, where they lived on the edge of starvation.  While Horus was growing up, Osiris would emerged from the underworld from time to time to tech him the arts of warfare.  Finally, no longer a weakling, but a fall grown  warrior god, Horus attacked Set to avenge his father's death.  After a long series of battles, Horus wounded Set badly,  defeated him, and sent him retreating to his desert home which Ra forbade him ever to leave again.  Horus was always represented as a male figure with the head of a falcon whose eyes were the sun and the moon. 

The Pyramids of Ancient Egypt

                       The Pyramids of Ancient Egypt
Pyramids have four triangular sides and are built from stone bricks.  Each brick weighs up to 2.5 tons.       

The pyramids were built for the pharaohs.  Inside the tombs were secret passages and burial chambers.  The pyramids were designed to keep the pharaohs body and soul safe for the afterlife.

The ancient Egyptians built the pyramids by hand.  Experts think thousands of ordinary people built the pyramids during the rainy season while they couldn't farm.  Building the pyramids brought the people of Egypt together knowing they were contributing to the glory of Egypt.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Flood Action

What can you do whilst it is flooding? You can slip and slide....

Scoop up dried beans...

Play with playdough......

Sculpt snails and monsters.......

Make up games and play them.....

Use lego blocks as stamps and then colour them in...

Do a purple cabbage juice experiment - use vinegar as an acid and bicarb as a base and see the colour changes.

That keeps us all busy!!!
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